Smart Biopreservation

On May 17–19, 2016, the Austrian, Italian, and French infrastructures for biobanking (,, and BIOBANQUES, respectively) organized a scientific conference in Nice, France, on the quality of biological resources.,, and BIOBANQUES are members of the Biobanking and BioMolecular Resources Research Infrastructure (BBMRI), which was established to increase efficacy and excellence of European biomedical research by facilitating access to quality-defined human biological resources.

The goal of the “Quality matters: improving the quality of biological resources” meeting was to identify specific gaps in methodology and preanalytical variables that can affect the quality of samples, disseminate evidence-based practices, and promote best practices for the use of biological resources in both basic and clinical research programs.

The meeting brought together researchers and all parties interested in biobanking from Europe, North America, and Asia. The range of quality control issues considered was broad, and included those arising from use of tissue and liquid samples, nucleic acids, and proteins extracted from cell cultures.

Details from each presentation are summarized in the context of the focus given to specific areas of quality in biobanking that served as session tittles. Additional information about individual presentations (including slides and videos) is available at: and

Doucet Marika, Becker Karl Friedrich, Björkman Jens, Bonnet Jacques, Clément Bruno, Daidone Maria-Grazia, Duyckaerts Charles, Erb Gilles, Haslacher Helmuth, Hofman Paul, Huppertz Berthold, Junot Christophe, Lundeberg Joakim, Metspalu Andres, Lavitrano Marialuisa, Litton Jan-Eric, Moore Helen M., Morente Manuel, Naimi Ben-Youssef, Oelmueller Uwe, Ollier Bill, Parodi Barbara, Ruan Liangliang, Stanta Giorgio, Turano Paola, Vaught Jim, Watson Peter, Wichmann H.-Erich, Yuille Martin, Zaomi Myriam, Zatloukal Kurt, and Dagher Georges.