Smart Biopreservation


Imagene operates a nucleic acid preparation and encapsulation service platform in its Ile-de-France facility on the Genopole Evry site.

This high-speed service platform offers a comprehensive service, including extraction and optional purification of biological samples, optional analysis of the samples (quantification and qualification), aliquoting à la carte, encapsulation and delivery of minicapsules in their storage racks.

This global service is realized through a process of manufacture and measurement whose operations take place according to the following main stages:

Our high throuput platforms combine advanced technologies in biology robotics, industrial automation, micro welding and laser marking, traceability and company software. They operate in compliance with the quality requirements NF X50-900 integrating ISO 9001. They integrate a robotic and automated production line whose main modules are as follows:

  • Automated minicapsules laser labelling station by 2D Data Matrix and alphanumeric 2D.
  • Automated nucleic acid extraction and purification station
  • Automated quality control and nucleic acid aliquoting station
  • High throughput desiccation station for nucleic acids
  • Automated encapsulation station for nucleic acids and control of minicapsules by leak tests.

The Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for sample management, implemented specifically for the Imagene procedure, ensures the permanent and complete traceability of each sample and each corresponding aliquot (packaged in minicapsules)