Smart Biopreservation

Smart Reader 96

2D Datamatrix code reader for the identification of DNAshell® and RNAshell® minicapsules, arranged in 96-well SBS format racks.

The Smart Reader 96 is a 2D Datamatrix multi-purpose reader for 48 or 96 well microplates.

Easy to use, it allows a fast and accurate reading of 2D Datamatrix codes.

Specifically developed for the DNAshell® and RNAshell® minicapsules, this versatile reader can also decipher 2D Datamatrix codes available on the market.



  • LINUX operating system
  • Connections: 1 RJ45 – 2 USB – 1 parallel port – 1 RS232
  • Height: 224 mm – width: 124 mm – depth: 133 mm



  • Automatic IP address assignment
  • Direct or network connection
  • No program installation required
  • Algorithm for automatic recognition of laboratory equipment
  • Complete reading of the microplate in 2 seconds



The user interface allows reading the 2D code at any position on the plate or at the positions specified by the user. The values appear on the computer screen and can be saved and exported using various options.

  • Reading positions are displayed in the microplate window.
  • The coded information appears in a table, along with the well coordinates.
  • A complete image of the bottom part of a minicapsule, with 2D Datamatrix and alpha-numeric codes appears when one clicks on a given position of the microplate.
  • A “Save” key opens a data storage screen, with options for printing and exporting.