Smart Biopreservation


Your samples are valuable and the validity of their analyzes is dependent on the maintenance of their quality. Imagene offers innovative products and services that enable scientists and researchers to optimize the workflow in the laboratory by freeing themselves from the constraints of cold, from sample storage to molecular analysis, including transportation. Imagene products impact research by reducing the cost and complexity of biospecimen management and conservation while ensuring safe and secure long-term storage at ambient temperature.

Imagene’s products and services concern a wide variety of biospecimens: extracted DNA and RNAs, white blood cells, cell lines, buffy coats … Thus the handling of these samples, including storage and exchanges, can be carried out without temperature control. or maintenance of the cold chain.

The applications of Imagene products are multiple: conservation and transport of nucleic acids at ambient temperature, internal control of quality of molecular analyzes (eg PCR, qPCR), extraction control …