Smart Biopreservation


Semi-automated DNAshell® minicapsule storage station

This station allows automated storage, retrieval and sorting of minicapsules. The minicapsules packaged in the SBS standard format microplate racks are stored at ambient temperature. They will then be taken back on demand.

The electrical energy consumption of the storer is limited to the entry and exit phases of the racks.

Capacity: 258 048 minicapsules, ie 2688 racks of 96 minicapsules on 56 levels.

Technical characteristics


  • Height 234 cm
  • Width 220 cm
  • Depth 147 cm
  • Weight: 1383 kg (empty), 2080 kg (loaded)
  • Comes with: a PC with storage software (database), a touch screen
  • An integrated 2D code reader 96 minicapsules
  • An ntegrated linear barcode reader
  • Standalone database

Essential functions

  • Secure storer opening and secure access code management software
  • Easy interfacing with an existing LIMS
  • Entry into the storer by reading the barcode of the capsule rack and then reading the 2D codes of each capsule
  • Visual indication of the locations of the racks.
  • Fast exit function by searching for a 2D code or a rack barcode
  • Advanced search function by 2D code list
  • Possibility of exit of the requested capsules or the complete rack
  • Control of the codes of the capsules