Smart Biopreservation

Cohorts / Clinical studies

The cohorts of patients make it possible to study the evolution (spontaneous or under treatment) of a disease. These are valuable tools for clinical research. Backed up by clinical and biological data, the collection of biological samples makes it possible to follow the evolution of the pathology and to increment the clinical and biological data. Moreover, clinical trials during the various phases of their development, from phase I to IV, are conducted on subjects that may constitute large patient populations. Biological samples taken from these clinical cohorts often need to be kept for periods of at least 15 to 40 years after testing. Clinical trials require a very restrictive and very strict framework at the legal, regulatory and scientific levels.

The information deduced from “whole genome” or “whole exome” sequencing is now an integral part of the associated data that could eventually suffer from a storage problem. It is therefore of real interest to store the DNA or RNA at the origin of all these data to be able to reproduce them easily or even possibly benefit from the emergence of technologies in constant evolution.

The DNAshell® and RNAshell® technologies which allow the long-term biopreservation of DNA and RNA samples at ambient temperature, guarantee their complete and permanent traceability, their inviolability, and meet the requirements of integrity, quality and quality. eco-responsibility of clinical cohorts.