Smart Biopreservation


For almost 10 years, IMAGENE has been developing and putting in use its nucleic acid encapsulation technology in the form of a service marketed in the life sciences and biotechnology sector.

We now offer you the opportunity to run the Imagene process in your own premises.

Imagene developed a range of encapsulation stations Bioshielder© offering different production capacities adapted to your needs:

We supply you with the necessary consumables in the form of labelled and packaged cases in their SBS racks, accompanied by their caps.



Depending on the equipment you already have, you can purchase modular or complete biospecimen preparation and encapsulation platforms to perform the four steps of the Imagene process:

  • Preparation and distribution of the biological sample in Imagene consumables
  • Primary dehydration of the biological sample in Imagene consumables
  • Encapsulation of the biological sample in Imagene consumables (including the control of the tightness of the produced capsules).

Around of the encapsulation stations, our fully equipped platforms include:

  • An automated quality control and aliquoting station for biological samples (distribution in minicapsules)
  • Biological sample desiccation station (rotary evaporator for primary dehydration)

A LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) information system for samples management, specifically implemented for the Imagene procedure, which interacts with each of the stations, and which ensures the permanent and complete traceability of each biological sample and operations.