Smart Biopreservation


The CIQ BCR-ABL1 kit is intended for performance monitoring of quantitative BCR-ABL1 transcript analysis for transcripts resulting from e1a2 (minor) and e14a2 (major) translocations.

This kit contains 96 RNAshell® minicapsules to control the performance of 32 quantitative BCR-ABL1 transcript analytical assays.

Each analysis series will contain the patient samples + 3 RNAshell® controls with ratios of BCR-ABL1 versus ABL1 established on the  International Scale (%IS) to be close to:

~ 0.1% IS, RNA Low control (B)
~ 1% IS, RNA Medium control (I)
~ 10% IS, RNA High control (H)

RNAshell® technology ensures the stability of the RNAs during transport and storage of the kit at room temperature. It makes measurements more reliable and simplifies laboratory logistics.

Kit Content

  • A rack of 96 RNAshell® minicapsules allowing to control 32 series of analyzes, including for each series 1 μg of high, intermediate and low-level control RNA.
  • An empty working rack to receive the 3 RNAshell® minicapsules intended to be used for the control of a series of analyzes
  • Four portable shellOpener©, each one can be used to open up to 30 minicapsules
  • The lot validation certificate by the GBMHM (Group of Molecular Biologists of Malignant Hematologic Diseases)
  • The CE-IVD certificate
  • The instructions for use

Easy opening of RNAshell® minicapsules thanks to the shellOpener©. Simply add RNase-free water to bring the dehydrated RNA back into solution, then ready for use.