Smart Biopreservation

Imagene provides unique, robust, room-temperature preservation solutions for nucleic acids, biospecimens and bioreagents for in the living sectors.

DNAshell® & RNAshell®



Imagene is extending its technological leadership for nucleic acid conservation to the conservation of biospecimens and bioreagents.

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A robust patented technology for long-term ambient temperature storage of dried DNA by encapsulation.

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Application of the DNAshell® technology for long-term ambient temperature storage of RNA, a fragile molecule.

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Advantages and benefits

This technology overcomes the disadvantages of cold for a simpler, safer storage at a near-zero cost.

Products & Services

To address its various markets and provide solutions tailored to the needs of its customers, Imagene is a service provider, equipment supplier and reagent manufacturer.

Imagene offers a full range of services including the preparation and encapsulation of nucleic acids with complementary services of nucleic acid extraction or minicapsules storage for customers.

IMAGENE’s global offering also includes equipment, turnkey platforms for customers wishing to encapsulate their samples themselves, and a series of accessories for handling and using minicapsules.

Finally, IMAGENE develops and markets controls and reagents that benefit from all the advantages of its technology.


The conservation and distribution of nucleic acids and biospecimens concerns all sectors of the living world.
Imagene’s solutions effectively address these needs for life sciences, biotechnology and healthcare in terms of sample stability and security, performance, convenience and scalability, cost reduction and cost control.
They are also a particularly relevant response to the needs of the new disruptive sector of data storage in DNA.


Samples for research are valuable and sometimes unique. The validity of their analyzes is dependent on the maintenance of their quality. Imagene offers…

Human health

In human health, the constitution and development of biobanks with guaranteed quality samples to preserve the biological material of patients and…


Forensic biobanks consist of cells taken from convicted individuals or DNA traces taken from scenes of crimes and offenses…

Data storage

This is a disruption that will transform the industry of digital data storage with the DNA that will allow a very high-density of information storage…

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