Smart Biopreservation

Benchtop shellOpener

The benchtop shellOpener is a manual device that allows the easy opening of DNAshell® and RNAshell® by drilling the metal cap with a pyramidal metal punch.

The opening system was designed so that there is no contact between the metal punch and the glass insert in the capsule.


  • To collect the sample from the minicapsule, place the sample on the capsule holder and slide to the stop under the piercing tip.
  • The cap of the minicapsule will be perforated by pushing down the lever. The lever is biased upward by a spring when released. To recover the minicapsule, simply slide the capsule holder back and grab it.
  • There is no loss of traceability in the process, the glass insert containing the dried sample remains inside the minicapsule.
  • Dried samples are recovered by simply adding a volume of water or buffer; the redissolution is practically instantaneous.



  • The device, assembled from aluminum parts, consists of a lever operating the piercing tip and a capsule-holder moving parallel to the lever.
  • Length: 190 mm – Weight: <800g.



The piercing tip is removable for cleaning or replacement.